Sunday, June 1, 2008

Explosion Takes ThePlanet Offline

Wow! apparently an electrical explosion blew holes through walls at this Texas data center and because of the nature of the event the Fire Department has basically told the facility managers that they can't bring the backup generators online. It just shows you that no matter how many backup measures you have in place your site can still go down.

Sounds like Muxtape was one of the sites affected, although, I think they may still be hosting the files on amazon s3 so if you've been compiling links to all their tunes you might still be able to access them.

2 comments: said...

Hi there
Thanks for the comment you posted on my blog. I hope that Muxtape can get back on track ('xcuse the pun!) as I don't really think I want to join imeem with the impending law suit. However, it makes me wonder how many tracks are on Muxtape that aren't "legal".

Anyway, haven't come across your site before now, but it looks great. By day, I'm an e-learning developer and big on social media in education, so I'll be keeping up with your posts from now on....

Social Media Mojo said...

I think you're confused, imeem got sued and turned it into a deal with the record industry so no reason to worry about that. Projectplaylist and seeqpod are currently being sued, muxtape has yet to have a lawsuit pointed in its direction.