Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Muxtape, not Popular, or Good, but Newsworthy Nonetheless

Apparently Justin Oulette confused his e-mail with his tumblr account and posted a highly sensitve and legally damning photo to his blog. The image of the contract shows Jakob Lodwick gave Justin $95,000 to help launch muxtape, which is most likely in conflict with the usual slew of non-compete aggreements one would expect him to be bound by from his time at

Justin pulled the image and posted this comment
I posted something I didn't mean to yesterday. Pretty embarrassing. I meant to
email it to myself, but my reflexes directed me to Tumblr (which is where
I’m emailing photos from my phone 99% of the time). Oh, internet. Always
Valleywag also pointed out that since Jakob was fired from vimeo last year the company has started to show some legitimate growth in its userbase after being written off as a youtube also-ran for most of last year.

Ahhh Justin, your website may be crap and losing its users, but the hype and gossip surrounding muxtape make it more interesting that mixwit, seeqpod or any of those other playlist sites. They even seem to have got the word muxtape tacked onto stories about other, better, playlist sites.

(yes, that's an article about imeem, and how it's the most popular muxtape site in the world - it features a great quote from Dalton Caldwell which sums up imeem "It's legal and it doesn't suck")


Ryan Clark Holiday said...

Let me get this straight dude, you post like once every ten days and the best you can come up with is another post where you say you don't like Muxtape. Keep up the great work. The analysis has been incredibly helpful.

Social Media Mojo said...

It's worse than that, I had no time to post all month and all I could come up with is a few stories from valleywag.