Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Boomshuffle Boxed

Launched by Snocap in late last year Boomshuffle was yet another playlist site, while I'm sure there were users who had their own reasons for preferring it over the alternatives, I believe the primary reason for its existence was an attempt to add value to snocap as it tried to find a buyer.

That buyer was imeem, and they primarily wanted it for the audio filtering system and the catalog of millions of known tracks. imeem already has the most popular playlist site on the net, so boomshuffle was likely considered surplus to requirements and it came as no surprise to me when I started noticing blog posts from users asking where it had gone. simply redirects to

Did anyone have an account? I'm trying to find out if any notification was sent and whether existing account information was transferred to imeem. Given the surprise of users I'm guessing imeem simply switched the domain without any concern for users, or perhaps the majority of users simply hadn't signed up in any way that allowed them to be notified. Still you'd expect at least a transitional page on imeem explaining the situation and introducing them to the new awesomeness.

This seems like a particularly ham-fisted move by imeem, while imeem lets users do a whole lot more than boomshuffle ever did, the abruptness of this is likely to alienate users.

Searching for 'boomshuffle' on returns a few playlists

I hate imeem "I want boomshuffle you fags"
Awesome - "what happened to boomshuffle?"
Garry's Mix - "Bring Back Boomshuffle"

So, I wish I could track former boomshuffle users and see how many choose to go to other playlist sites just to spite imeem.

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