Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gracenote Sells Out To Sony

Wow, I know I was speculating about music companies finding exit strategies, but having 2 in one day is getting spooky. I think that's the 3rd acquisition in the last month: Snocap acquired by Imeem, QLoud Acquired by Buzznet and now Gracenote sells to Sony.

Billy Bragg talked abou how musicians deserved a share of the Bebo acquisition price since they helped propel the site to its successful position, well I deserve part of the $260 million that Gracenote investors are getting. I contributed to CDDB in the early days, and I know I didn't agree to any license that let them use my hard typed keystrokes as part of a commercial enterprise.

So.... which company is next I wonder?

Update: I just realised something spooky, both Gracenote and Snocap built their audio fingerprinting technology on top of the software developed by Philips, I wonder if anyone else has licensed this, and whether they're up for sale?

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