Thursday, September 4, 2008

'Told You So'

You know I always said that new fangled muxtape site wasn't going to work, what with it being nothing more than a minimalist clone of websites which had important things linke business plans.

I'm amazed at how many people are acting suprised or outraged at the supposeds RIAA shutdown of the site. Well as you can guess I'm not one of them and I could expend all sorts of energy explaining this, and point out that the RIAA probably only had a small part in this shutdown and that lack of cash and revenue was more important.

I think Justin Oulette secretly wants to be Shawn Fanning. Sorry, Justin you're not nearly cute enough to compete.

Meanwhile people seem to be missing a potentially bigger news story, In Europe a court has decided that Buma, the dutch performing rights society cannot supply Europe wide licensing agreements. This means that sites like eMusic and Beatport suddenly find that they're now illegally selling music in countries other than the Netherlands, since they were foolish enough to sign Pan-European licensing agreements with Buma. Now these music retailers have to go back and negotiate with PRS (UK), SEESAC (France) and many more agencies who they have now pissed off by trying to cut them out of their deals.

Elsewhere in the social music morass Techcrunch pointed out that even though CBS pushed out press releases praising the redesign it hasn't helped them gain any market share and they're still a distant second to imeem.

But one wonders if imeem can remain dominant in the face of myspace music which we are assured is coming soon. I hope myspace can sort out some way to pay those indie artists, otherwise they might just decide to start sending people to their and imeem pages - both companies have had programs in place to pay artists, regardless of whether they're attached to a massive label or a bedroom producer.

here's hoping for a massive myspace music fail


Ryan Clark Holiday said...
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Ryan Clark Holiday said...

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the data that came in through the toolbar on the righthand corner of my screen: Your Alexa rank is 7,580,000 and if you Google 'social media mojo' your site doesn't even come up.

For all your rants about what works online, you not only have no idea what you're talking about but you're so far from relevant that I actually subscribe to your blog to use as reference for potential straw man arguments I might hear from some of my less imaginative colleagues.

Keep on keeping on - just keep in mind that you're almost always wrong.